Notify Me!

Send timed SMS and Email messages to group members for under per message!
You create a group here, and tell prospective members to subsribe to your group here. Members of your group can subscribe for SMS, and/or Email messages.
 Notify Me   makes it easy! Once people have subscribed to your group, you can start sending them timed text and email messages! Create a messsage, and set its distribution time. The distribution time can be immediately, or in the future. Subscribers to your group will be sent the message via SMS and/or Email at the time that you chose.

Update Everyone Who Wants to Know Schedule Timed SMS and Email Messages Manage Your Account and Messages
With  Notify Me  anyone who you send a link to can subscribe to your message group. This means no more worrying about making sure you've included everyone you need to. If you need a message to be delivered at a specific time  Notify Me  can make that happen!  Notify Me  makes it extremely simple to review and change planned messages, as well as your personal account info.
Company softball game rained-out? Running a big event like a wedding? Either way  Notify Me  is the perfect way to comunicate with your group! Have a motivational message that you want your team to hear tomorrow morning before a big pitch? Draft it now and  Notify Me  will send it at the perfect time. We get it, people make mistakes! Have no fear,  Notify Me  makes them easy to fix.
Screenshots of the easy to use interface.
Select! Send! Queued!
Manage your groups! Send a message! Manage your queued messages!

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